The News Service of Florida is an independent, web-based, wire service that covers the activities of state and local government year-round.

Since 2008, News Service of Florida reporters have been filling their notebooks with news, and sources mighty and humble have been filling their ears with gossip and info.  “Truth or Dara” is a repository for the stuff between the lines – the seasoning for the banquet of political wrangling and decision-making that never ceases in Tallahassee.

The News Service is the recognized authority for state government news in Florida.  We have the largest Capitol bureau in the state with six full time reporters with all original content. Along with daily news stories and exclusive features, NSF produces gavel-to-gavel coverage of every action taken and every speech given on the floor of the House and Senate.  Legislative action is posted and sent out ASAP​ in real time.​

But let’s face it – that’s pretty heavy stuff.  When you’re in the mood for something light, something spicy, or even something that might disagree with you – turn to “Truth or Dara​.” You’ll get plenty of the former, and juuuust enough of the latter.